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I worked with Expinion customer support for several days, and they were always quick to respond and very helpful. I was customizing their code, so I didn't expect much help because the support reps we ... Read More

FREE Download
News Manager Lite 3.5

News Manager Lite is now being offered free-of-charge.
Sorry this offer does not include free installation or support.

For an even bigger and better award-winning news manager, which does include support and installation, please see our iNews Publisher.

The most important news should be current and right up-front, on your site's front page! But it changes regularly, and you don't have time for playing around with HTML code for each little change!

With NML, you can delegate this function to anyone who is online, and has basic computer skills! They won't have to work in HTML at all! Just login, add some text and press a button...done! Any number of authors can each login to the administration, to add/edit/delete news items - you don't have to give up any security. And, best of all, you can have your news collected from an RSS feed to build your website traffic! (Save time making manual submissions too!)

No hassles! And, without tons of features that you may not need. Lite, yet very functional; it's all the average site needs to administer online news (username=admin password=admin).


    RSS Ouptut
    Full WYSIWYG editor
    Categorize News - add news to multiple categories at once!
    Activate/deactivate News
    Visitor searches
    Paging for fast navigation
    Free regular upgrades
    Source Code Included
    Unlimited Users
    Developed in ASP
    No Dll to install

Pricing Overview:  

The Expinion News Manager Lite is free, and offered under GPL.
This allows you to use the software, but not to distribute it. Please send any referals to this page so they can download the software from us directly.

News Manager Lite Administration Demo
Take a test drive of our News Manager Lite as an administrator to see how easy and powerful the administration is. Just visit this [ link ]. Use username admin with password admin.

News Manager Lite User Demo
To see the News Manager Lite sample integration click at the following [ link ].

System Requirements
Please see system requirements for this application, [ link ].

Questions & Comments
If you have any questions or comments about Expinion's News Manager Lite please check the users guides that were included with your download, or visit our knowledge base.

  • View User Demo
  • View Administration Demo
  • Differences between News Manager Lite and iNews Publisher
  • A few News Manager Lite implementations.