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Member Management System v 4.0 is useful to any business or group that wants to:

   Secure member records online.
   Limit ASP page views to certain registered users only.
   Customize login redirections. (By group or user.)
   Mobilize their emailing capabilities. (HTML or Plain Text)
   Charge members via their site. (Supports PayPal and 2CheckOut.)

Many individuals may visit your site or intranet server - that's good. But what if some information should be available to registered members only, while other pages should be available to only certain groups of members?

With MMS 4.0, you can use one, or all of these ways to secure your web site:

  All visitors can see some ASP pages.
  All registered members can see some ASP pages, but not non-members.
  Only certain groups of members can see certain ASP pages.
  Only administrators can view or modify the data contained in the MMS administration.

Most recent version: 4.0.1 - Released July. 31, 2006.    


  • Only one MMS login is required for all non-admin protected areas. (The database will determine eligibility for all areas of your site.)

  • Customize registration form design ! (Add new fields, and determine field types such as checkbox, dropdown, etc.)

  • Support PayPal and (If you want to charge your members.)

  • After logging in, a member will be taken to the page that you want them to see.

  • Packed with features. (See the lists below for members and admin.)

  • Send HTML emails to your members with ease.

  • No DLLs required and 100% cookie free!

  • Unencrypted ASP source code for full customization freedom - included.

  • Installation - Included with FTP access.

  • Free future version upgrade - included.

  • Windows IIS hosting/server supporting ASP & either MS Access or MS SQL required.

  • Can I protect HTML pages?
  • Secure your Information !
    Enforce user/admin login before accessing a page, by adding a line of generated code to that page.

  • Manage Your User List
    Admin can register members or allow them to register themselves. Decide which registration form fields to show, which are required, or extend the form by adding up to 15 customizable fields.

  • Organize Member Info
    Create groups of members for easier management and organization.

    Allow only group members to login to areas of your site, send a note to a group of members, or relate members to each other - for even more organization.

  • Find User Info Fast
    Sorts, filters, and search functions are all included. And you can track which pages are being visited, and by whom.

  • Member Expiry Date
    Set an expiry date for each member's access. Send customizable emails before expiry.

  • Newsletters
    Create an archive of newsletters (HTML or plain text) and send any of them when you're ready.

  • More Tools
    Import or export all members to/from other applications, export a single member to a vCard, read and evaluate statistics and user information, block undesirable email and IP addresses and more.

  • Personalize
    Administrators can customize automatic emails such as those sent on registration, when requesting email address verification, password reminders, etc.

  • Work from anywhere!
    Because MMS can be administered entirely from a browser, your employees or volunteers can work from home, library, hotel or even an internet cafe!
  • Membership has its privileges !
    Give your regular visitors a sense of belonging, or allow your employees to view privileged / sensitive information from anywhere online. Members can be site visitors, clients, employees, students or all of the above! Use the flexibility of MMS to your full advantage.

  • Member Registration Form
    Users can be allowed to self-register online, via a form that can be customized by administrators.

  • Member Update Form
    Allow members to update their own profile, keeping all information up-to-date. They can also be allowed to select which groups they should belong to.

  • Member Password Reminder
    A tool that enables members to retrieve their forgotten username and password. (This email message is customizable from the administration.)

  • Newsletter Subscription
    Members can subscribe and unsubscribe from their newsletter subscription at any time.

  • Browse Through Newsletters
    Members can browse through newsletters marked by an administrator as accessible.

  • Member Access
    After logging in, members can visit any protected pages on your existing site, if you allow them to. They only need to login to MMS once per visit. Users can even save their username to make their next login easier.

  • Member Information Sharing / Privacy
    Your customers or employees can know that their private information will not be visible to other visitors. (This results in some protection against spam and fraud for your members, and may result in them being more willing to share this information with you.) Or, members can allow other logged-in members to see their name and email address...but they get to decide.

  • There are too many features to describe completely, so we recommend that you try our online demo using the links above. Member Management System supports MS Access and MS SQL database.

    Pricing Overview:  

    The Expinion Member Management System is $ 289.00 USD per single web site license. This license allows you to use the software under one domain name or IP address.
    Click here [link] to purchase single web site license. To learn more about a server or developer license please click here [link].

    We offer a free installation with each completed purchase of this application. If you've already made your purchase, click here for more information.

    Member Management System Sample Integration
    To see the client side demo of the Member Management System, follow this [ link ].

    Member Management System Sample Administration
    To see the administration side demo of the Member Management System, follow this [ link ].

    System Requirements
    Please see system requirements for this application, [ link ].

    Note that since MMS is designed to be implemented into your existing asp pages, some general .asp knowledge would be beneficial. This application is not "Plug & Play"; you will be required to paste some code into your .asp pages in order to protect them, and you will need to be able to determine the path between the page and the MMS implementation.

    Also, since the application is designed to be flexible, there are a lot of options that you will need to test out so that you can get the perfect fit for your unique needs. For example, be prepared to spend some time perfecting the settings for your ideal scenario, via your admin menu and trying out various Grouping and Redirection Mode options.

    Questions & Comments
    If you have any questions or comments about the Member Management System, please feel free to email us at [ ], or visit our support area here.

  • View User Demo
  • View Administration Demo
  • Read Member Management FAQs
  • Purchase Member Management System

  • Due to the nature of MMS (securing private information), we do not display our clients' links. This links area shows some of clients' implementation of other applications.