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You have a great product and a wonderful support team, you should be proud of what you have done cause your HD has reduce us cost in holding less representative people but in the same time take steps ... Read More


ASP Web Based Help Desk Software by - Only $249

Extensive web based customer support and knowledge base system,
written in classic asp, with open source code included!

Fast and efficient answers for your site visitors, employees or clients. If they don't find their answer in the previous issues (trouble tickets or KB articles) you've activated, visitors can quickly submit a new question from any online browser.

Customer support representatives receive email notification (on their PDA if desired) or they can simply login from any online browser to work on issues (trouble tickets) in their category of expertise. Customer service reps can be mobile and still empowered with all the tools they need to provide excellent customer support.

Affordable software for businesses or sites that receive lots of questions (issues or tickets), or if more than one agent responds to support issues.

Purchase a help desk license once for the low cost of $249, and that's it!
(This is not cheap software! Help Desk 6 is an inexpensive customer support system.)

Benefits of our Web Based Help Desk Software

A polished image, for your company - information for your visitors.
Improved efficiency and information sharing, for your customer service representatives.
    Saves time & money; good customer support can even increase sales!
Easily generate helpdesk trouble tickets from emails (with POP3 Add-on) or online forms.
Completely web based help desk software, so you don't need anything other than a browser to administer
    your knowledge base or tickets.
The solution of choice for our help desk software customers around the globe.
Easy language translation. (English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, French included.)

We use our online Help Desk ourselves, so you can expect top quality [customer support].
Most recent Expinion Help Desk version - January 16, 2008 [ Expinion Help Desk v 6.5 Software Changes ]

Pass cursor over one of the tabs below to change page content.


Highlights of Web Based Help Desk and Knowledge Base Software, written in asp.

  • Solutions are suggested before  the public may submit a trouble ticket. (May also be disabled.)
  • Files can be uploaded and attached to trouble tickets or KB articles (issues) by Help Desk users or agents.
  • Supports ASPemails, CDONTS, JMail, Dundas, CDONTS, CDOSYS, etc.
  • Unlimited number of customer support representatives and issues.
  • Electronic version of admin guide and user's guide included.
  • Full open source code included.
  • Rebrandable! (You can remove the Expinion logo from the footer.)
  • No DLLs or Active X to install.
  • Convert POP3 emails into help desk tickets with Addon.
  • Developed in ASP.
  • Administrator & Technician Features in Expinion's Web Based Help Desk Software.

    Security & Privacy

    Admin login requires username
        & password.
    Set customer service technician's
        access rights, in detail.
    Agent only memo for each ticket.
    Issues can be in KB, or not!
    Viewing preferences can be set
        per technician.

    IT Technicians Functions
        (Representatives / Agents)

    Add/List/Edit/Delete/Relate issues
    Prioritize tickets (5 levels)
    Reassign issue/categories/reps
    View trouble ticket summary
    View automatic ticket history
    Change status of tickets any time
    View customer's system
    Automatic URL & email recognition
    Look-up & copy previous solution
    Add or look-up & copy draft reply
    Enable secondary email address
        (Cell, Pager, PDF capable)
    Mark KB article as Important
    Modify issue listing columns shown
    WYSIWYG editor
    Write draft responses for tickets
        (Can be reapplied to new issues.)
        Include custom signatures, etc.

    Tools for any level agent

    Sort & search issues
    Paging for fast navigation
    Built-in To-Do Manager
    Built-in Address Book

    Tools for Administrators

    Add 5 optional text fields to trouble ticket submit forms
    Add custom fields of 'other' types.
    Customize security levels per technician, per task
    List/Add/Edit/Disable/Delete representatives
    List/Add/Disable/Delete categories
    Add/Edit/Disable/Delete category announcements
    View category overview report
    View user overview report
    View technician (agent) overview report
    View detailed technician activity logs
    Send internal 'customer-service' emails
    Send mass emails to all clients
    Set 'related' issues (further organization)
    View help desk statistics
    View / sort client issues report
        (Who is submitting the most issues?)
    View /sort client comments report
        (What do your visitors have to say?)
    View average reply times
        (Which agents are most efficient?)
    Customize autogenerated outgoing emails
    Assign to-do's to other technicians
    Set number of open issues per technician
    Enable/disable activity logs per technician
    Check for recent Help Desk version update
    Suggest features for the next HelpDesk release

    Client / Visitor Features of Expinion Web Based HelpDesk Software

    Easy to use

    No need to register
    Paging for easy navigation
    Intuitive user interface
    Always accessible

    Find answers & offer opinions

    View/search/sort categorized FAQs
    Launch convenient Browser Toolbar
    View related KB Articles list
    View category announcements
    Bookmark favorite issues
    Quickly view most important issues
    Vote on quality of issue resolution
    Leave comment on each KB article
    Email selected KB article to a friend
    Print KB Articles

    Ask questions or submit help desk trouble tickets

    Convenient Suggested Solutions list after
        submitting new question title (Saves time)
    Submit new tickets(s)
    Update your unresolved tickets
    View personally submitted tickets list
    View personally submitted ticket details -
        private or public (except internal memo)
    Reopen a previous ticket
    Request a list of all usernames and passwords
        used with your email address
    Check status of your tickets
    Automatic email when ticket resolved
    Receive email when ticket submitted for you
        (Includes assigned username and password.)

    Demo our Web Based Help Desk Software

    [ Administration Demo - Expinion Help Desk Software ].
    Staff members (agents and administrators) login and work in an area like this.

    Use admin as username and password to access the administration area as an Administrator (highest security level) to access all tools.

    [ Client (Visitor) Demo - Expinion Help Desk Software ].
    The knowledgebase area is similar to what your public (customers & visitors) will see and do on your Help Desk. No information is required from your visitors, unless they wish to submit a new issue.


    Pricing Overview:  

    You can buy Help Desk 6.5 for $249.00 USD per single web site license - no hidden costs. This license allows you to use the software under one domain name or IP address.

    To read more about our license policies [ click here. ]
    To read more about our refund policies [ click here. ]
    To purchase a single web site license [ click here. ]

    System Requirements Link

    Please see system requirements for this helpdesk application, by clicking on the title above. Databases supported are MS SQL Server, My SQL, and MS Access.

    Hosted Help Desk Software Prefer a hosted help desk system where we install and maintain the software for you, on our own servers?
    (No worries about system requirements.)

    Read More?

    Read about the benefits of using [online Help Desk software].
    Read about [ customer service desk trends].
    See [web based help desk software comparison].
    [ Who needs web based help desk software with knowledge base functionality?]

    Questions & Comments

    If you have any questions or comments about Help Desk, please email us at [ ], or submit your question via our Expinion Help Desk Software implementation.


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