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Hard to beleive that for such low price the package allows up to 25 different calendars; each can be administered by a separate administrator. The latest update which permits to quickly specify the st ... Read More


The Multiple Web Calendars System

Multi Calendars is an inexpensive solution for sites that need lots of calendars. (Inexpensive, but never cheap!)

Unlimited number of online calendars - each with separate logins!
    (Only install once. New calendars added via admin menu.)
Visitors can select and merge calendars for a customized view!
Entirely web-based, with no DLLS to install.
Only basic Windows hosting is required.
    (With ASP support and either Access or MS SQL)
Tons of features and highly customizable.
Including support, ASP source code,
Admin & Managers Guides, and a future upgrade.

The price for a single installation is $269 usd, one time only. That's it, there are no other costs aside from your own hosting and domain costs! (The license is for sale; it's not just a rental! Since it will be hosted on your existing server/host's server, there are no ongoing charges.)

How does MultiCalendars work?

1. Administer:

  • Buy and install MultiCalendars onto your existing web site or intranet server, to add as many separately managed calendars as you like! Whether you need only one, many or even hundreds of calendars, Multi Calendars can handle it all, for $269.

2. Manage:

  • Give a username and password for a single calendar to each of your employees, volunteers, children, babysitter, hobby clubs... anyone who has a schedule that affects you!
    (Let them do their own work, on an ongoing basis.)
  • No FTP access is required to manage a calendar or upload images and files (if allowed by admin).

3. Visit (User):

  • Link your website to the public calendars (those that have been set as 'visible to the public' from the management area). There are several ways of sorting & viewing you can choose from, including a merged view of several calendars.
  • On your site, simply open this file, select the view you prefer & copy the URL for your link.
  • Include a list of calendars onto an existing page, like in this example. Or, encourage your visitors to use the built-in RSS feeds, so they can always be aware of the events from a specific calendar.

4. Ongoing:

  • Admin retains the ultimate control. In addition to adding/enabling/deleting entire calendars and/or groups, Admin agents can add events to multiple calendars at once, from the admin area - and an automatic email can be sent out to notifiy the appropriate managers! When the manager approves or deletes an administration event, the administrative agent will be notified by email automatically. (Schedule meetings - booking individuals and the meeting room at the same time!)
  • Admin can also perform all manager tasks from the admin area (impersonate manager), without knowing the calendar's username and password.
  • Admin can even email calendar managers individually or by group, from the admin area!

Some MultiCalendars Customers

This unique application is being used by universities, YMCAs, boy scouts, hosts, hospitals and medical groups, etc. It's also perfect for large or medium sized companies, groups, clubs, community groups, churches or school divisions.

Yes! We are deliberately listing all these important businesses, so we can generate even more traffic and sales - to help keep our license prices low! :)

More Shameless Self Promotion?

There simply is no comparable multiple calendar system available for sale and written in ASP! It's easy to install, easy to use, and best of all - it isn't a hosted solution, unless you're the host. You add it to your new or existing site. You can even setup your own calendar hosting, by giving out manager usernames and passwords, then let clients link to their  calendar's public view.

Our clients from over 140 countries, offer these reviews. We sell to many countries, because Multi Calendars is easy to translate, allows week numbers to be shown, and can accomodate most (if not all) character sets. Your European server uses a different date format than North America? MultiCalendars is working well on servers all over the world! (Even with the week beginning on Monday instead of Sunday.) Also, we build our applications in-house, and use them ourselves! (So, we really know our software, inside-out; and you can expect top quality support.)

Why is it so affordable?

We design our software to be useful for the majority of sites, and choose our projects carefully. Also, we sell it to you directly, keep our overhead low (can you tell we do our own marketing blurbs?!), and have minimal advertising costs (the majority of our orders are repeat customers and word-of-mouth). We're highly motivated, we sell a lot of applications, but have minimal support issues per sale! Expinion simply does not  believe that good web software has  to be expensive!


Features of MultiCalendars - Multiple Web Calendars Software for Windows IIS

  • Two level administration. (MultiCalendars Administration and Calendar Event Management)

  • Unlimited number of calendars, groups of calendars, and categories per calendar.

  • Easy to add new calendars. Use the menu driven admin for changes whenever you want.

  • Up-to-the-minute information sharing, because it's online! (ex. Rained out? Let them know online.)

  • Convenience. (Add or update events whenever you want - 24/7.)

  • Sortable. Use the filter to identify a specific event type (category) for that month.

  • Printable. Viewers can print out all  the events for the month, or a specific event type (category) only.

  • Searchable. Viewers can search for specific words or phrases that occur in an individual calendar.

  • Built-in dynamic HTML editor. Write event content like you would in MS Word!

  • Image Library & shortcuts. Upload, organize & add pictures - per calendar.(No FTP required.)

  • Export desired events to Outlook Calendar for offline viewing.

  • Public Viewing Options of Expinion MultiCalendars

  • Choose from several options for displaying your calendars, by lists, merged or individually.

  • Display 2 calendars at the same time, to compare schedules.

  • Two different views for each calendar's monthly events. [Traditional] or [ Vertical]
           (Either can be filtered, searched, printed, exported or picked up using RSS feeds.)

  • Daily or Today's Events. The link results will always be current!

  • Or, show a list of all  events for an entire calendar!

  • Customize your own views, since you get the source code. [ Example ]

  • Keep private calendars inactive, or make a login required from the public area too!
           (Private calendars won't appear in any calendar lists either.)

  • Individual Calendar Login and Management

  • Separate secure login to manage each calendar on your site.

  • Each Calendar Manager can:

          Use a WYSIWYG editor for event details.

          Add special/unique events individually, using Quick key (+).

          Add long term events with only one entry. (By specifying day of week, and event duration.)

          Create and apply event templates, or copy a previously added event's content into a new one.

          Use any of 140 text colors to visually organize event categories.

          Organize events in preferred way, so they can be 'filtered' by the viewer.

          View all available events in an easy-to-use list.

          Edit events any time. (Great way to get volunteers involved.)

          Export events to an Outlook Calendar or Task Manager.

          Upload files & images (if enabled at admin level).

          Customize email messages.

          Allow or Disallow Public Event Suggestions.

          Custom settings such as week numbers, or preferred time display (AM/PM vs. 24 hr).

          Maintain an individual library of images for event titles or content.

          Offer several RSS feed options to their visitors.

  • Specifications

  • Developed in ASP, for MS Access or MS SQL.
  • No Dll to install
  • Full source code
  • One future, full-version upgrade included.

  • Pricing Overview  

    Purchase MultiCalendars for $269.00 USD per single web site / intranet server license (i.e. one installation). A single installation allows for an unlimited number of calendars, which can then be linked to, from any number of websites.

    Learn about buying a server or developer license (for multiple installations) by clicking [here].

    System Requirements

    Please see system requirements for this application, [ link ].
    Please read about our refund policies here: [ link ].

    Questions & Comments

    If you have any questions or comments about MultiCalendars, please feel free to email us at [ ] or look for information and ask questions from our [ knowledgebase ].


  • View Individual Calendar Event Management Demo
  • View Public Visitor (User) Viewing Options
  • View Multi Calendars Administration Demo
  • Some MultiCalendars Customer Links
  • Purchase Multi-Calendars   [ Read License Agreement or Refund Policies ].