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I have used many ASP management programs, but this one is by far the best yet. With the new upgrades to 3.5, you really are able to build this application to suit. Further more, the team which builds/ ... Read More

Pixel specializes in designing software that can be added to existing web sites (or intranet servers) to simplify and improve administration, and make your site more valuable to your visitors – without the need for special hosting or programming skills. (We are not resellers of software designed by other companies.)

Starting Point: 1999   (Time goes by so fast!)
Why / How and the rest: The name Expinion is derived from the Latin word, meaning to clarify.
Our mission is to simplify website administration for businesses.

What's the point in being online, if your website content remains old, while you wait for a webmaster to update it? You want dynamic content, without the middle-man!
Application/Solutions: Over the years we have developed countless solutions and 14 unique applications. Some have gone, some are still being developed, and the greatest one has just been released.
Our 5000 current clients are from many different industries, and 142 countries . Some are small home-based businesses using shared hosting, others are large multi-national corporations with their own intranet servers.
We have a small core of loyal people working their tails. Why?
We love what we do!
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What keeps us going: Coffee, coffee, coffee (some of us drink only tea and wine) ;) and the drive to make the best applications available today.
The rest of the story: We'll do all we can to keep on making great applications, both for ASP (we're dedicated to our existing clients) and on the .NET platform (which we think is the greatest thing right after our morning coffee).

More about

Our server software development work began with our founder (Vladimir Pekulas) in 1999. The domain name of was first registered by us in April, 2003 and gradually came to replace our previous domain of   Why not Expinion.COM ?

We now have a US trademark for the name Expinion. We are based in Manitoba, Canada and Liberec, Czech Republic. We’ve grown to include a management team with many years of good practical experience in internet programming, technology, support and management.

In addition to site software, Expinion will consider customized programming and development work on request. We provide free estimates, just fill out this form.

To contact us, click here. Or, grab a coffee, and make yourself at home. You can browse through our site, read our Front Page News, or scan our Knowledgebase. There's a lot of information on these pages.

More about our Software

We take great pride in the software that we have for sale, and in providing the best support in the industry.

All Expinion software has been designed to be used by the novice; so you can use it yourself or delegate the work to others. It's lean and fast, because each application has been hand-coded, in-house!

And, although our applications are simple to use, you won’t be alone… because we’re known for our quality technical support.

How can a small group provide such great support for so many?
    Great applications don't need much support!
    We know the each application literally from the inside-out.
    We use great support software to keep us efficient. (You guessed it, our own!)
All software can be installed by Expinion staff (upon request and with temporary FTP access), but is easily integrated by customizing only the few lines of code described in the installation guide. (This is required since server configurations and paths vary widely.)

Clients receive the actual asp code (it isn't encrypted). Programmers can further customize it as desired; provided it isn’t further distributed or sold beyond the license agreement. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours to keep without any further costs.