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As a small business delivering products over the Internet, it was great to get a product that did exactly what it said and was well documented. Installation was easy and now my website has a professi ... Read More



Once you have paid for an FTP installation, please complete the form below.
All information is kept confidential.

  • Please read these important notes about the installation.

    Your Name:

    FTP Server:
    FTP Username: FTP Password:
    I have verified that the FTP is accessible with details provided.

    Use Database:
    Database Folder:

    SMTP Gateway:
    Your Email:
    Purchase ID:
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    Additional Information:

    Verification Code: Re-Enter Code:

    Notes & Limitations:
    1. Installation usually occurs in the same day as requested, but due to installation workloads, there may be a delay of up to one week before your installation can be completed! If you would like an estimate on the completion time, please indicate this in the 'Additional Information' field. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    2. Expinion staff will complete an installation only for software that has been purchased, and when the installation fee has been paid here: [ here ]. We reserve the right to refuse any paid installation request. If a paid request is refused, payment will be refunded.
    3. Customizations, such as the implementation of custom headers and footers are not included in this price, nor are upgrades to existing installations where data needs to be retained.
    4. Installations are done only via FTP and will not be done by using VPN or any other remote desktop/server viewing utility. You will need to provide us with FTP access and in case of a My SQL or MS SQL database an address that is remotely accessible so we can execute the necessary SQL database structure scripts.
    5. When a server has been restricted with disallowed parent paths, Expinion.net reserves the right to install the application(s) under a folder name of their choice.
    6. For POP3 Add-On, while we can install most of the add-on, we can't install the MailBee email component onto your server for you. Please contact your server admin / host.
    7. Information entered here is entered into a secure database, no emails containing sensitive information are generated, and information is never shared with anyone.
      Never-the-less, it's always a good idea to change your FTP password regularly.

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